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How to Know if a Brand Designer is a Good Fit

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Your brand is a reflection of your genuine self, so it’s important to find a brand designer you can trust to really get to know you and your business. Not every designer is going to be a fit for your needs, and not every brand is going to be a fit for my style and services. This is why I start every potential client relationship with a getting-to-know-you call and creative brief session to see if we’re a good fit. Here are a few tips as you search for the right designer.

1. Find a Designer with Packages that Fit Your Budget

You may find as you search for the right designer that you are getting quotes for brand packages from $500–$5,000+. If you’re a small startup, chances are you don’t need everything that a designer charging $5,000 is going to offer (and you probably don’t have that kind of budget). These designers are most likely working with larger corporate clients. Do some research and decide on a budget that you’re comfortable with for the size of your business and scope of your needs. Designer Courtney Caldwell breaks pricing down well in this blog post. Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t be stingy. Strategic branding is an investment that will prove it’s worth as it connects you to your customers.

2. Find a Designer with a Portfolio that Reflects Your Style

Think about the style that reflects your brand personality. Modern and sophisticated? Quirky and playful? Bold and grungey? Look at a designer’s portfolio to get a feel for their design style. Any designer will customize your logo according to your needs, but someone who already is familiar with similar brand styles will have experience selecting the fonts, colors, and layouts that speak to your brand personality. This is especially important if you are looking for illustrative work.

3. Find a Designer Who Specializes in Your Industry or Audience

Some designers have a very specific niche, developing branding for doctors, lawyers, photographers, food industry, etc. These designers will have expert knowledge of your industry branding needs and target audience, but this also means they are able to charge more for their expertise. If a specialized designer is out of budget, try working with someone who works specifically with small businesses or your target audience.

4. Find a Designer You Vibe With

It is important to vibe well with your brand designer. They will be helping to shape your brand identity and need to have an intimate understanding of your brand’s personality, values, target audience, and goals. If they don’t seem to vibe with you very well, then chances are they won’t vibe with your brand either. You also want someone you can develop a good working relationship with. If you have future projects that involve reaching your audience with strategic design, it’s always better to hire someone who already knows your brand. Who better to help you design an email campaign or social media templates than your brand designer!

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