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BIPOC Creative Businesses

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

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Black Lives Matter. Asian Lives Matter. Native American Lives Matter.

Nobody's free until everybody's free.

As I reflect on my own privileges as a white small business owner, I desire to use this platform to advocate for BIPOC-owned creative companies. I will continue to add to this list as I come across more awesome BIPOC creatives.

Sol Studio Marketing – Social Media Marketing

The Idea Girl Co. – Marketing, Branding, & Design

She is Brand – Marketing, Branding, & Design

Natural Boss Branding – Marketing, Branding, & Design


Seven Pillars Design Co. – Marketing, Branding, & Design

Jess in Sights – Marketing, Branding, & Design

Nikkolas Smith​ – Illustration & Design

Portrait Design Co. – Illustration & Design

Melissa Koby – Illustration & Design

Made Whole Collective – Calligraphy

Temi Coker – Photography

Barrio Letterpress – Letterpress & Design

Ryu Creative – Social Media Marketing & Design

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